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The Sunday Post: in which I buy too many things

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Hi guys! It is finally the weekend again, and I am so happy about it!
The Sunday Post is a weekly meme for sharing our news, hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Please go visit her blog - it's really lovely!
  • Yes, I bought books. Yes, I promised I wouldn't. *Sigh* (And since writing this, I have gone back on amazon and bought more books. Oops.)
  • Uni is still busy. I've spent way too much time procrastinating (read: drinking wine).
  • I bought a little bookcase! Look at it! I'm a tad bit excited ;)
  • I've had kind of a miserable week so I've just been home, reading whenever I can ♥
  • We had an awesome hen-do for my friend on Friday!
An Interview with Myself! This was actually so much fun to do!
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✔ I will attempt to review my favourite book ever. (If I'm capable of, you know, forming words enough to actually talk and not just...scream.)
✔ A few reviews since I've fallen behind on those a bit :)
How was your week? Let me know in the comments! (Feel free to leave me a link to your Sunday Post as well if I haven't been around to check it out yet!)

Here: have a sleepy kitty as a reward for actually going through my stupidly massive list of acquisitions ;)

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