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#hidingReadAThon [with prizes!] | (Bookish) Easter Weekend Plans that have nothing to do with Easter

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Hello lovelies!
IT'S FRIDAY! Since I live away from my nearest and dearest and have no way of visiting at the moment, I am making slightly different plans for my 4-day weekend (don't you just love bank holidays?).
If you'd like to join me in my spur-of-the-moment #hidingReadAThon, I've written down some guidelines for it!


Take part on twitter, instagram, on your blog (or all of them) - it's up to you!
  • write a post with details of your TBR and link-up here by Monday
  • write a wrap-up post on Monday
  • Post your TBR on instagram or twitter (or both!) with #hidingReadAThon. Please also tag me (@hidingbooks) in your entries!
  • do whatever else you'd like - honestly, this is entirely customisable. You do you! I'd love to see what you come up with!
Info on prizes coming up soon! (INTL)

If you know me, you know that I need a list of rules to get anything done so these would be it:
(Feel free to make your own or edit these to suit you! [or go without rules - you rebel, you!] If you don't want to write, don't write, if you want to see people, do it!)

    The Rules

    1. Read as many books off your TBR as humanly possible
    2. Ignore/decline invitations to social functions. It's allowed
    3. Blog hop!
    4. Keep notes on books so you can actually write reviews without forgetting all the details...
    5. Write at least for an hour every day (I'm doing Camp NaNo next month so I have plotting to do!)

    So here's my TBR - Am I insane, you ask? Quite possibly. But then, these make a nice 2000 pages and really, it's not that much...?
    I seriously doubt I'll be able to get through all of these but in case I do.... I've added an extra points category. It basically just means that if I get to those books by Monday, I will eat loads of chocolate and have some wine to celebrate how amazingly antisocial I am.

    Easter Weekend TBR


    Extra points!


    Short notice for a ReadAThon but... Would you like to join me on the dark side and be antisocial and bookish for a few days? If you're interested in reading a book or two or ten and writing a post about your weekend reading plans, add your link below!
    Oh, and let me know if you have any ideas for potential prizes ;)

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