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#HidingReadAThon wrap-up

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I've had so much fun being social/antisocial this weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who joined us - be that in spirit or in actuality ;) I'm definitely looking forward to hosting another one if people are interested!

 #HidingReadAThon Highlights

  • There were 18 of us involved, by my count, and for such an impromptu Read-A-Thon I'm really happy with this! It's been lovely seeing what you're all reading, so let's keep in touch, okay? ;)
  • All the pretty photos, banners, and the lovely things you've said have made me super happy! And also - you have all made wonderful life decisions (and reading decisions) this weekend so you should feel proud!

Link up!


  • I've got three prizes lined up - winners will be picked at random out of everyone who took part
  • The first prize is a copy of Rainbow Rowell's Carry On (the one with the colour-in cover which is just beautiful!) + a few little surprises :)
  • The second and third will be similar to each other - just tiny little bookish presents as thanks for taking part!

My reading and writing progress during #HidingReadAThon

Devoting this bank holiday weekend to mostly being antisocial was wonderfully relieving for me. I always feel stressed out over socialising because it just tires me out kind of quickly (obviously there are exceptions to this!).

But in any case, this weekend I read a few pretty amazing books! My goal was to read six but that didn't happen and I'm perfectly okay with that :)

[covers link to my short GR reviews]

As for writing, I did manage to put at least an hour aside for plotting every day! I kind of wish I'd done more than I have, but I still have *does the maths* ...3 days? I have three days to prepare. HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN? WHERE DID MARCH GO?! I thought I was happy with my writing progress but excuse me while I go and panic about finishing my outline now, okay?

Since I'm putting together the surprise prizes today and tomorrow, can you do me a favour (even if you didn't take part in the ReadAThon)?
There are a few things I would love to know:
  1. What is your favourite bookish fandom (or two if you absolutely can't pick just one!), 
  2. Would you be interested in another Read-A-Thon?, and
  3. (just because I'm curious - ) Are you doing Camp NaNo in April?

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