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#HidingReadAThon update & mini-reviews!

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An impromptu event aiming to chip away at the mountains of books on our TBRs, especially for those of us without too many plans for Easter weekend! Katelynn (one half of the awesome blog Books & Bottles) called it an antisocial gathering, and that is exactly what it is ;)

You can look up the details and join us until Monday (or even after that by linking a wrap-up post of your weekend reads to my Monday post!) Spoiler alert - really the only rule is you post something, somewhere, about...something (but preferably to do with books).
For bonus points: Link up any reviews or recaps (big or small) you write during #hidingReadAThon at the bottom of this post!
I'm working out prizes as we speak [ - as I type? - ] so let me know if there's anything you think would make an amazing prize! I have my eyes on a few cute bookmarks, and on this: what do you guys think of the colour-in edition of Rainbow Rowell's Carry On?

Ezrah did a wonderful Bloggiesta post on different types of reviews, so I'm running away with it, and doing teeny tiny reviews of the books I've read so far during the #HidingReadAThon.

Friday Night Bites

The second book in the Chicagoland Vampires series and I LOVE THEM. The protagonist, Merit is awesome - she kicks ass with a katana but also knows ballet, she loves food and has a secret chocolate stash - don't you just love her already? There's also Ethan. Beautiful, annoying, high-handed, but I can't help but love him with a passion. I'm not even sorry. *shrugs*
So many awesome characters, interesting plot, and sexy shenanigans. Just read them, okay?

Throne of Glass

Ezrah and a fair few others (I'm estimating like a dozen people, at this point?) who are absolutely obsessed with this have told me to read it (on goodreads, on twitter, on their blogs, on my blog, on insta - you get the picture!) and I finally did! You should all be so proud.

But anyway, prepare yourself for just... random weird emotional things happening from here on in because I finished reading this two minutes ago. Okay? Okay.

So *takes deep breath* I got to the part where she finds the library and I was like I'M ON BOARD, SHE LIKES BOOKS. CHAOL IS AWESOME. And that was it. I was a goner. I think I'm kind of in love with Chaol this book, you guys.

Got to the last page and now -
Do you know that feeling when you're reading something and it sort of hits you in the feels but you don't quite know why and you kind of have tears in your eyes but you also don't know why and it's just over and life seems somehow different? That's either the sleep deprivation talking, or this book. I will decide after I sleep...

So basically, I'd like to say "why didn't anyone force me to read this weeks (/months) ago?!" but a lot of you actually really tried to do that, so I'll just blame myself, 'kay?
Have you read either of these books? Are you taking part in #HidingReadAThon? If yes - awesome. You are making good life decisions. If not - share your TBR with me!

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