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Ten Reasons Why I'm Obsessed with the Kingkiller Chronicle

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Another post related to an event hosted by the wonderful Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf. Please do go check out her blog! Today's prompt was to review your favourite book - fangirling allowed and encouraged.

Story time! (You don't actually have to read this entire following paragraph. You can skip to the last few lines. I was just in a writing mood.)
I walked into Waterstones. I didn't mean to, I just accidentally ended up standing inside the shop, staring at a stack of wonderful new hardcover releases. After a struggle of heroic proportions that really should be told in iambic pentameter to do it any justice, I decided on only two books(!). I walked over to the friendly cashier who was communicating with a 2-year-old kid about buying a book focused on incy wincy spider. (She seemed just as excited about her book as I was about mine. [The little one was obviously in the arms of her mother who was letting her practice the process of buying things.]) It was adorable, but I digress. As they left, I stepped forward and somehow ended up in a long conversation about Garth Nix, Trudi Canavan, Philip Pullman, Patrick Ness and got invited to a YA book club meeting. 
But the most wonderful thing was that when I said "you know Patrick Rothfuss? I'm absolutely obsessed with his Kingkiller Trilogy," this guy beamed at me. 
"Yes. He is excellent."
This made me really happy, because a) I seriously freaking love those books, and b) it's awesome when someone's actually heard of them before I passive-aggressively and almost reduced to tears force them to just read the bloody book and see for themselves.

I promised you a list, didnt I? (Because I love lists.) Here we go:

Ten Reasons Why I'm So Obsessed with the Kingkiller Chronicle that I Basically Can't Even Handle Life Because Kvothe and Patrick Rothfuss Are So Awesome I Could (and Do) Cry

1. The Kingkiller Chronicle is a story about stories and legends and fame. It's quite different from other epic and high fantasy I've read.
2. Kvothe is a wonderful protagonist who is very good at basically everything he does but it doesn't mean he's always the smartest or makes the best decisions
3. The writing is epic and beautiful. (I'm getting the feeling you would like a quote. Here you go-)
 "It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story."
4. At one point, dialogue between two characters ends up forming matching couplets. It is magical.
5. Characters: Devi may be a minor character but she kicks ass; I love Elodin and every single thing he says and he makes me laugh and just yes please I need more now; Auri ♥
6. There are stories within stories (within stories). Do you love stories? I love stories.
7. The foreshadowing. As we go into the story we know things will definitely go very, very wrong at some point. We just don't know how or when. It always keeps glued to my seat.
8. I've reread these so many times, and every time I find something new - I make a new realisation or connection between events. It's wonderful and makes me feel all detective-y.
9. I love the frame story and I love the past that Kvothe describes. All of it is absolute perfection.
10. The University. I love the University.

If you were hoping for any kind of informative content in this post, this would be it.

Look at this gorgeous cover of the first book in the trilogy (I feel I have the responsibility to inform you that the third one is not out yet, nor does it have a publication date), and click to add it on Goodreads!
My feelings about this book:
Which books are you absolutely obsessed with and can barely talk about because of all the awesomeness? Let me know in the comments!

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