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Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

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Hi guys! I'm having pretty much the busiest week ever but I managed a nice guilty pleasure read as a way of procrastinating. If I'm a bit quiet on the blogosphere please don't think I've forgotten you - I'll be back and catching up with all of you (and your wonderful blogs/bookstagrams/booktube videos) at the end of the week!

Barely a month after the vampires came out in Chicago, graduate student Merit gets attacked by a rogue vampire. The rogue is scared off after a sip, but to save her life, Merit herself has to be turned into a vampire. She quickly becomes the resident troublemaker of Cadogan House. The House is one of 12 in the USA, and consists of a group of vampires headed by Ethan Sullivan, also known as 'my Liege' to many of the House residents. As if being turned against her will wasn't enough, Merit also has to survive deadly vampire politics. Her new life is at stake.

 ✱ Pages: 341 (paperback)
✱ Publication date: April 2009 
✱ Series: Chicagoland Vampires #1

I think it's been about 4 years since I've read these, which means I didn't really remember what happens in Some Girls Bite anymore (but I definitely still remembered Ethan).

Merit is Merit

"What did you just do?"
"I don't know. Vampire Merit's a lot braver than People Merit."
It's easy to feel sympathy for the protagonist, Merit - she is attacked, turned, experiences difficulty adjusting - but she also has some wonderful things going for her, so it's a nice balance. She becomes this pretty awesome person with new-found agency in matters going on around her, and at the end of the day she's always unapologetically herself. She's confident, and mature and I think the fact that she's a 27 year-old grad student makes this story a bit different from others.

The supporting characters are seriously amazing

The Vampireland series has a lovely cast of interesting, memorable people you just want to love. Ethan is the smug and arrogant lord of the house and he's very used to getting what he wants, so there's some... male posturing, shall we call it? But still, I have a soft spot for characters like him (besides, he's really hot). And you know there's room for character development!
The friendships portrayed in Some Girls Bite are cute - especially between Mallory and Merit, and some of the characters we meet along the way as well. Merit's relationship with her grandfather is really sweet as well.

The plot has a few nice twists to it

There's a nice mystery related to Merit's attacker, and the politics that seem inherent to the complex vampire world are sufficient for your daily source of intrigue. I'd completely forgotten the ending to this [my memory is absolutely terrible] so I was actually kind of surprised at what happened. I feel like the main focus is on Merit dealing with being part of this new world, though.
One thing that makes Some Girls Bite so easy to get sucked into is that everything we're learning as readers is also new to Merit - so we share that learning curve and her reactions to things are easy to understand.

Why you will love it

We're book lovers. Don't we all idly dream that our lives would suddenly take a turn for something amazing and magical? Sometimes I'd definitely like to be Merit - she (very grudgingly) exchanged working on her thesis for an action-filled life and a pretty sweet new skill at handling weaponry. You know, like swording. Swordery? Okay - sword-fighting. (There needs to be a nicer word for this.)

There is definitely a good reason why I loved this years ago. Wonderful characters, interesting mystery to solve, and a nice romantic interest (and by nice I mean sarcastic and perfect).
Sorry about the really bad pun in the synopsis! In my defence it's part of the blurb.
Have you read Some Girls Bite or other urban fantasy like it? Did Twilight turn you off vampires? Please let me know!


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