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The Sunday Post

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Hosted by the wonderful Kimba over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer, the Sunday Post is a meme to share news about the past week, as well as plans for the next. Mine is quite picture-heavy this week!
I have been so obsessed with AGOS this week. Anybody else?
  • Uni is so busy! But I'm looking forward to Easter break - just two more weeks of deadlines to get through!
  • Started hopping around some lovely Love-A-Thon blogs because I miss all these amazing people so much.
  • I told myself - very sternly - that I would not buy any books for a few weeks. If you scroll down the page you can see how badly I failed at this.
  • My BFF arrived in Japan this week and has sent me all these wonderful photos (that she allowed me to share with you guys). LOOK AT ALL THESE BOOKS SHE IS TORTURING ME WITH:
Doesn't it look magical? 'Bookshops in Tokyo' is now the first item on my bucket list.

AKA. My week of "buying nothing."

Add them on Goodreads:

Spring releases I'm looking forward to

What did you read this past week? Is real life getting in the way of your not-as-real-but-definitely-still-important-reading-and-fandom-life? Let me know in the comments!

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