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Bookish Things I'd Give a Kidney For

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Check the details and the introductory post over at
Beauty and the Bookshelf and get involved!

It turns out it was World Kidney Day yesterday, so prompted by Rachel (make sure and check the link above!) I came up with a list of three bookish things that would totally be worth handing over one of my kidneys. (obviously I'd only be able to choose one of these because I'm pretty certain I need to retain one of my kidneys, but let me dream of having extra kidneys and getting all three things, okay, thanks.)

The third book in the Kingkiller Chronicle
Because Kvothe! I need to know what happened to him before he set up his Inn, I need to know what happens to him now, I need to know everything.
I mean, really, I understand Patrick Rothfuss taking his time with this book. It's his baby, it's the last book in the trilogy, and from what I understand (from stalking him on his blog) he's kind of a perfectionist.
So this book would definitely be worth a kidney. But I can wait. I can...wait. I can do it. *sobs uncontrollably*

My BFF is writing a story
(it's sci-fi!) and it's really cool and I want her to finish it so I can read it all.
[I've just said your book is worth a kidney. Worth a kidney, E. If that is not the best compliment ever, I don't know what is.]

A Victoria Scwhab book event in the UK
needs to happen so badly because I'm seriously obsessed and because a little birdie *looking at you, Cee* said she was magical in person. Also because I'm dying of jealousy that Cee got to meet her and bask in her presence. Just saying. ♥

So - what bookish thing would you be willing to exchange a kidney for? Let me know ;)


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