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Let's talk about the apocalypse.

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What apocalypse, you ask? Well, my little narwhal friend...
(Disclaimer: I'm making this a lot more ridiculous than Ely intended this tag to be, I think. But that's just me and my personality! Sorry.)
...The zombie apocalypse, of course. At least that's what I'm choosing to believe. Also all the plans I've made are based on the expectation that zombies will be a threat. People will of course be the more imminent threat because have you seen what happens to society when zombies attack?!

Anyway, this is totally off-topic. Ely never specified how the world is ending, but it just is, and since I was tagged, it's my job to pick a team of able-minded people to help all of us stay alive as we battle hordes of zombies try to find drinkable water when it's all gone or something.

What did I do to figure out this dilemma? I did what any reasonable human being would and put out a kind of casting call/job advertisement on twitter, of course:

Meet my team! 

Nicole Lynn @ PopCrunchBoom!Books.

Nicole Lynn said she has street smarts and some basic fighting skills. Exactly what we need, right? Also she's willing to kill off zombies even without compensation. Perfect! (Plus, if we still have books at this point, I think she would agree to be our librarian. Because priorities.) Also she is such a sweetheart!

Anna @ Adventures with a Book Nerd.

She would be awesome because she's promised to help us clear out all the zombies! But... apparently if people start disappearing the reason is probably that she's hungry and is going after us. I told her it was okay though, because she's so lovely. We'll just watch our backs ;)
(It was actually just Anna's first blogiversary, and she's got a giveaway going at the moment! Go say congrats!)
We haven't known each other long, but I have a good feeling about Sophia. We're both short and we might need some help killing the tallest zombies. (and reaching the cookie jar.) Sophia would kick ass in an end-of-the-world scenario though - I just have this feeling she would.

Ezrah @ I Heart Romance & YA.

She totally volunteered for this position because she's so brave. The plan is she'll get her brains eaten bitten early on and then she'll become the nice zombie. (Zeee the Veggie Zombie.) Forever on the side of good. (Writing this makes me think of the power puff girls for some reason.) Ezrah also loves romance, so I feel like she'd keep our morale high and ensure that we still believe in happily ever afters even in these dark zombie times.

Cee @ the Novel Hermit.

I obviously wanted Cee on this team so we came to the conclusion that she's the Chosen One. (All hail Queen Cee/Raise a Glass to Ceedom.) Soooo we need to keep her alive because she's the cure to the zombie plague or whatever we decide to call it. Also she's so lovely and smart and always sympathetic. So really, if it was an apocalypse kind of situation, why wouldn't you want Cee there?!

Katelynn @ Books and Bottles.

She didn't actually volunteer for this position, but Katelynn has all the alcohol recommendations so obviously, she's included. I don't know what we'll be drinking but I'm sure we can find some old bottles somewhere and she can... test them for us? It's an important job. Alcohol in a post-apocalyptic world. Important? Yep, probably. Also - she is just the sweetest, and I think she'd either be this calming presence in our midst OR she'd be all over the whole chopping off zombie heads thing. I'm not sure which scenario is more likely.

Sky @ Bookish Night.

Actually I think they might only be in this for the wine I promised but... Sky also loves Intisar Khanani's writing! I think that's a brilliant reason to include them in this squad. Also also also I think the first discussion we had was about how to make friends. So obviously by now we'll be awesome at making friends (while being awkward?) and we'll keep the entire group together! Sky's the glue! Or the linchpin? You pick!

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