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Bookish Confessions: I can't get rid of books. THEY ARE FAMILY.

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I should get rid of my books?! What kind of suggestion is that?! You monster!

My mum had a friend visiting last week and we were all having coffee and chatting, and somehow (okay, because I was present) talk turned to books. My sister who was also there and my mum and her friend all agreed that it's pointless to own loads of books because what are you going to do with them, really?

I would like to point out that they all have loads of DVDs at home. *ahem* What's the point of - ? Okay, no, I shouldn't go there ;)

But it got me thinking. Are we - the bookish people of the world - really that different from everyone else in this respect? I thought everyone liked to own books!

(Obviously Irrefutable Awesome) Reasons Why I Absolutely Cannot Bear to Part with My Darlings Books

Rereading! I can't get rid of books unless I'm very certain I will never want to read it again. (Not a lot of books on my shelf  that this applies to.)

I AM THE LIBRARY. It's a powerful feeling. I'm basically an institution. I really like having friends over and basically forcing them to grab a book with them when they leave.

The covers are so pretty...! How could I get rid of something that looks like this?!

Books are how I decorate. I have no - I don't know what normal people have in their houses! - paintings, vases, flowers, other decorative things that have no function (I'm not being judgy or making fun! I just don't need them.), I don't even have a TV. I have bookshelves and I think they make everything beautiful! (I probably really should put something else up on the walls too though...)

Edit: I tried packing yesterday. I refuse to get rid of any of these. I refuse, I tell you!

Do you find it easy to get rid of books? Or do you hoard them like me? Do you have any of your own reasons why you don't want to get rid of books?

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