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Inspired Indies: Intisar Khanani
& Why I'm a Bit Obsessed

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Because am I obsessed? Yes, I admit it, okay?!

Intisar Khanani is an indie author who writes YA fantasy. At the moment I'm just sitting in my room with my grabby hands, waiting for Memories of Ash to come out (TWO DAYS, my lovelies. Two days!). So, I'm going to take this chance to talk about Khanani's other work, because am I really going to be able to talk about something else while I'm this excited?

Reasons Why Intisar Khanani and her Work are Awesome:

Pretty covers. I'm sorry but did you see the cover for Thorn? It's one of my favourites.

Originality. For example, insta-love is not a thing, even in Thorn which is a fairytale retelling - how much of a change is that from basically every other book ever? This makes me pretty happy. Intisar's stories don't tend to focus on romantic love. It's so refreshing because actually you can meet a prince on page 5 and not end up falling in love. WHO KNEW?

Imagination. I'm always surprised by her writing! You know when you read enough of a particular genre and it all starts to feel the same? That never happens with her writing.

Important themes. Read Thorn and tell me it doesn't make you think about your own life decisions, or about what's important in life. I dare you ;)

Charity. Some of the proceeds go to charity. I don't think I need to even elaborate on that... but I will anyway. Supporting UNICEF or Heifer International when you buy a book doesn't sound too bad, right?

(Also the author is so friendly on twitter, and on her website, so you know - you can connect with her once you get as obsessed with her stories as I have.)

So What Should You Do Now?

Well, you can check out Intisar's writing in a short story called the Bone Knife, which is free on Amazon and basically on every online retailer, I think.

You could read Thorn which is an excellent fairytale retelling. Surprising and refreshing, it's based on the Goose Girl - which I didn't know much about before reading this one.


Or, you could read Sunbolt! 
It's a YA fantasy novella, and it's maybe my favourite novella ever. The plot keeps moving, the characters are intriguing and everything that happens is kind of unexpected. In addition, Memories of Ash is the sequel, and it's going to be released on the 30th May. According to the author it's going to be quite a bit longer than Sunbolt, so you can probably see why I'm super excited to read it. (Also, aren't the covers pretty?)
How's Inspired Indies for a new feature, you guys? Are you interested in indie books? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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