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Bookish Confessions: I love YA (too much?)

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Young Adult fiction is one of my most favouritest things ever.

You might be thinking, 'Annika, that's not really even a confession. We all knew this already.' Well, I don't blame you. I have been reading a lot of YA lately. But why do I feel like (non-bookish) people will judge me for reading YA? Do you feel the same way?

My Favourite Things About YA

Not overly complicated with metaphors - it's acceptable to talk about things in a straightforward, understandable way.

Works in any genre. YA sci-fi? Awesome! YA romance? So cute! YA fantasy? I'm already hooked. 

✱ Novel length tends to be towards the smaller side. You can easily binge a book in a day! It's a pretty wonderful thing.

Why YA is so important

I'm pretty firmly of the opinion that every single person can benefit from reading. I give a lot of credit to books for having a big part in raising me - I lived in books growing up! The things is, so many things can be seen in, and taught through the pages of a book. I learned about morality, equality, compassion. You can't help but think and learn when you read.

✱ Moving slightly away from that tangent, YA fiction has a part to play in getting kids to read. So it's exciting that it's such a big thing, such a big market right now. It also means that YA authors have a lot of responsibility: it's really important to get these books right. Maybe that's why we talk about diversity in YA so much?

The Drawbacks

✱ Sometimes YA can seem too formulaic. There's the heroine, there's the love interest, introduced in the first few pages... But I suppose every book is formulaic, so maybe that's a bit of a stupid thing for me to say? 

People are judgy! Did you see Ezrah's post related to this? She talks about how every romance and YA reader will sometimes get weird looks for their reading choices. Focusing on YA: I get it, people. Young adult fiction is often put on the same shelf as children's literature. This does not mean that adults can't read it. I find YA often has more important things to say than a lot of 'adult' literature.

What do you think about YA? Do you read a lot of it? Do you think YA is important? Let me know! xx

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