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Conversations: "Requirements" for
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As with everything in life recently, I'm a tiny bit late with my Conversations post, but I couldn't bear to miss this topic, so here I am, a day late!

In May, Conversations touches upon Blogging Habits, and  today's question is:

What are the essential things the blogs you follow have to have?

An easy way to follow the blog.

I really appreciate having different ways to follow a specific blog, and if I really like it, I'll probably subscribe on Bloglovin', by email, and by Google+. I'm a bit weird that way... But at the end of the day, everyone has different preferences on how to follow, so I think it's pretty important to have different options available.

Different kinds of content and willingness to try new things. 

I like book reviews, I like discussion posts, I like memes - any mix of those is cool by me. I don't require anything to be really different or set apart from other blogs, but I appreciate personal touches. I like getting to know a blogger a little bit through their blog posts. So, I like bloggers to post the kind of content they want, to write in their own voice (especially if they're funny without acknowledging it or weird while owning it), to sometimes have unpopular opinions, to try new things. If you do what you want I'll probably like it. 

I like bloggers who comment back (and are nice people!)

I suppose we all do, really, because it's a nice thing to do, right? But it goes a bit further than that. I love good comments. You know, those thoughtful ones that make you really happy? (basically every comment I've ever gotten on this little blog which are usually the highlight of my day).

The thing is, those kinds of comments make me happy even when I see them on someone else's blog. And I'll tell you a secret. If I see a really nice comment on someone else's blog, I tend to look up the commenter and their blog, and follow them. Why? Because they're nice. That's all.
Tell me about your preferences! What do you *need* a blog to have before you follow it? What draws you in?

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