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Also I'M BACK!

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You are in luck, my little narwhal friends.

Not because I'm talking about Camp NaNoWriMo again, but rather because Camp is over - has been for just about two weeks, so I'm talking about writing a little less. (You know, until July when all of this starts over again.)

ALSO you're lucky (or not, depending on your point of view) because I'm BACK! 
So, today's agenda looks something like this:

  • Sorry I've been away!
  • Why Camp is awesome
  • Not editing is the worst and the best
  • Finally diving back into the draft!
  • My new project...

I'm home!

My BFF was here for a visit and she kept me away from most electronic devices so I've been absent on here, on twitter, on.. well. everything. (Notice how neatly I'm blaming it on someone else though?) We had a lovely time (and we saw my sister's baby bump!) and now I'm going to get back to a relatively normal blogging schedule! Prepare yourself for a week's worth of Annika-spam on your blog... :)

So yes, I'm sorry I was away! I'll make it up to you lovelies.
Now onto the Camp NaNo stuff:

Camp is kind of actually like camp.

I was so lucky to be in an awesome cabin for the duration of April. It really made the experience worth it. Everyone was so supportive and wonderful and actively participating. It's such an amazing thing to find like-minded people! It's why this actually happened:

So thank you, all my Headless Chicken/Dragon friends, and everyone who's been so lovely here on the blog and on twitter ❤


The only reason I actually made it to 50k in April was that I stopped editing. If I knew I had some changes to make to an earlier chapter I'd write a small paragraph about it, and start it with something along the lines of "Yo, IDIOT. You forgot to introduce this character three chapters ago. EDIT nowwww." And then I'd forget all about it and keep going on with the story. It is such a freeing feeling! Even if you're not planning on doing NaNo, you should try it.

Getting to the actual work

Editing is so hard. I put my draft away for two weeks, and I've tried not to even think about it. (I started drafting a new story instead which is going nicely!) but now that I've forgotten about 90% of what I wrote during NaNo. I'm ready to jump back in. I think.

Send help! Or coffee.

I started a new thing. Again....

My new project doesn't have a title yet (gasp!) but let me pitch it to you in case you're interested. So far I've got a young burglar trying to find a way to get her family out of a plague-ridden city, a spy on a mission to find his sister who disappeared years before, and a gateway between two different worlds. So I'm back on YA fantasy territory which is where I basically want to live. So yay!

Are you writing? Tell me about your WIP, or if you're planning to do Camp NaNo in July!
Also, have you seen TrishaJenn's Wednesday Writing Prompts? Because they're pretty awesome, and if you're up for it we should take part! The prompt posted last Wednesday was "
Never underestimate the lives of old men sitting on park benches."

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