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The Sign of One by Eugene Lambert

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In the Barrenlands of Wrath, no one dies of old age. Kyle is used to its harsh laws, but the cold-blooded separation of identical twins and execution of the 'evil twists' at the Annual Peace Fair shocks him.

When Kyle himself is betrayed, he flees for his life with the reluctant help of Sky, a rebel pilot with a hidden agenda. As the hunt intensifies, Kyle soon realises that he is no ordinary runaway, although he has no idea why. Fighting to learn the hideous truth, their reluctant, conflicted partnership will either save them - or kill them.

✱ Pages: 400 (paperback)
✱ Publication date: 7 April 2016
✱ Series: The Sign of One #1
✱ Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I was really intrigued by this one as soon as I saw the cover - but I'm always a bit hesitant when it comes to reading books I haven't seen anyone else blog about. Turns out I had no reason for hesitation whatsoever. (Also, that cover is really appropriate to this story.)

This was more interesting to me than a lot of thrillers I've read, maybe because like a lot of YA fiction, it has that way of making a quick emotional connection to characters, and then the story starts moving and never stops. Another explanation? It's sci-fi which does also have a habit of making a book addictive because there's a whole new world to explore.

Kyle and Sky

Raised in the Barrenlands where the laws are harsh and the living even worse, Kyle's world changes irrevocably the day he first attends a Peace Fair. At the start of the story, when we first meet Kyle, he's kind of a scaredy-cat. He doesn't want to stand up against bullies, he doesn't want to think about what things really mean. The way he changes over the story, the courage he finds in himself, is wonderful to witness.

Sky is brash, stubborn, and prone to using people to get what she wants, according to some descriptions. Behind it all is a girl who lost her sister. She's interesting: guarded, as well as usually pretty hesitant to share her plans or motivations.

The Problem with Identical Twins...

As if living in the Barrenlands wasn't bad enough, if a person has the misfortune of being an identical twin, their life is bound to be a lot worse than the others' in their miserable community. Identical twins 'idents' are thought of as bad omens: once they are old enough, they are separated. One of them is evil, a 'twist,'  and headed for a hanging. the other branded a 'pureblood' and allowed to live. It's a horrifying, brutal thing to witness - the branding, the hanging - but it's part of the entertainment of the annual Peace Fair.

The Plot

Full of quick twists, the Sign of One is pretty much unputdownable. An intriguing story that moves at a relentless pace and doesn't spare you the slightly gory details, it also offers you mystery, intrigue, and adventure! I'm really curious to find out how the story - and the fight- continue, and how our characters are faring after the ending.

This was an intense read! The Sign of One adds a slight YA twist to the sci-fi thriller, and does it well.
What do you think - are you going to give this sci-fi adventure a go? Do you have any sci-fi recommendations for me? I'm kind of a sci-fi noob...

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