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Bookish Confessions: I Don't Like Game of Thrones

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Hello lovelies!
This is meant to be a short and sweet, light-hearted, and slightly exaggerated feature for sharing my deepest and darkest bookish secrets (and for you to share yours, maybe?)
What better topic to start on than a Game of Thrones? I'm just over halfway through the book and... I don't know if I'll ever finish it.
Under no circumstances should you take me too seriously! I definitely don't ;)


I know, I know! Everyone loves it. It's amazing!
But why

I don't get it.

I'll rant in a nice, respectful way for a minute, okay? And then you can try to convince me to give the book another chance. Deal?

Things I like about A Game of Thrones.

Okay. Um. Jon Snow is alright? I like whathisname Lannister? Tyr-something? Tyrannion? Tyrannus? No, that's Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, right? HOW AM I MIXING UP Game of Thrones and Carry On?! What is this?!
Anyway. There.
Wait, no! Also, there's dragon eggs, so there will be dragons, yes? That's good.
And direwolves! Them, I like.
And the mother. Who's all WAAHH I'll protect my children! I forget her name but she's nice. I like Dani too. Poor Dani.
SEE?! So many positive things. I tried really hard.

Why I Don't Get It

I'm halfway through and I'm bored! I just can't do it, I can't finish this book! Too many characters, and yeah, they're okay, but I don't care about any of them, and I need to care about the characters, because otherwise, what's the point of you, book?! WHAT IS THE POINT?!
I'm really disappointed in myself because this is fantasy - one of the greats - and I LOVE FANTASY. I just don't understand what's happening.

TV versus books

I swear, everyone I know who's obsessed started by watching the TV programme. Maybe that's why people love it so much? Except it was a big deal before then, too, wasn't it?
BUT I am against watching the TV series first. It goes against all my principles. BOOK FIRST. That's the rule. Except, in this case, I just can't finish the bloody book. 


Oh, I just had a realisation!

I compare Game of Thrones to the Kingkiller Chronicle

This HAS TO BE why I can't read it! Because I've seen Patrick Rothfuss's Name of the Wind recommended to people who like A Game of Thrones. And if you've been around for a while, you will know that I f***ing love that book. I'm so obsessed that I wrote a post about how obsessed I am. But I digress. I read Kingkiller first and it's the most fantastic thing in the world, and then I go to read A Game of Thrones, and it should be as good, right?! But it's not. I think maybe I'm just biased, honestly.

So, to,,, finish this post off on a positive note - I found things I like about Game of Thrones! But I just can't get into it. Oops. That's not positive at all.

This is the most rambling, I-ran-out-of-adjectives level weirdness filled post I have ever written. (Even that sentence didn't make sense.)
Do you like Game of Thrones? (I will still love you if you do, I promise.) Please, feel free to convince me that it's amazing and that I should keep reading.
Any bookish confessions of your own? Do you have a book everyone seems to love but you just don't get? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to write a post of your own if you fancy it!
P.S. I love you
P.S. The origin story of this feature: I was going to update you on my writing progress for Camp NaNo, but then I thought, HEY, what would be even sillier, and even more embarrassing for me? So here we are. I'll write about writing when I feel like...writing.

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