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The Get to Know Me Tag!

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Hello lovelies! Two really lovely book bloggers, Molly @ Molly's Book Nook and Geraldine @ Corralling Books did this tag (really, go check out their posts, they're awesome!) and basically I'm pretending that they both tagged me although they didn't. Let's all pretend, please.
[edit: the wonderful Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books did actually tag me for this! {yes, for realsies! I didn't even resort to blackmail or anything}]


Name: Annika
Nicknames: Mostly ridiculous ones friends come up with when I complain I don't have a nickname. Grannika is one of my favourites. I made a reference to Titus Andromedon yesterday and my BFF ran away with it. Titika and Annikus were what she came up with, but then we figured Annikomedon makes me sound like a komodo dragon. So anyway. Crazy nicknames? Check.
Birthday: 31 July! 
Star Sign: The lion one, you know, Leo.
Occupation: Master's student. Does that count? No? I'm never going to do anything useful with my life? NOOO


Hair colour: Ginger. Proud of it. (we do have souls!)
Hair length: Short-ish? Like a lob? A long bob? You know what I mean? I hope you do because I really don't.
Eye colour: Blue
Best Feature: You're asking me? Ask someone else, anyone else.
Braces: Nope. I was so afraid of the dentist when I was little that I probably would've died.
Piercings: Ears.
Tattoos: I do have one, actually! It's tiny though. I took it when I was in Romania for a summer.
Right or Left: Right! Actually, left too. For playing chords on the guitar. Let's pretend I'm ambidextrous.


Best Friend: Elisa! We met at uni. Singing Broken hearted hoover fixer sucker guy in the library > instant friendship. (okay, I was 20 by that point, but it counts as a first!)
Award: I feel like I've never received any? WAIT NO - I once *almost* won the alcoholic of the year award. I was the runner up, and it's an awesome award, so does that count?
Sport: Hahahaha no.
Real Holiday: Like a beach and summer kind of holiday? Probably Croatia a few years back. We took a coach and it took over 24 hours to get there. We drove through France, Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia to get there, and the first time we were asked for passports was when we entered Croatia. Insane, right?!
Concert: Umm. I haven't been to any big ones. Mainly just little gigs in pubs. I last went to see Amber Run in Nottingham and they were amazing!


Film: Walking on Sunshine. It's the worst musical ever. It's so bad it's good.
TV Show: Once Upon A Time, Castle, Doctor Who, IT Crowd... I could keep going.
Colour: Blue, Green, Purple... All colours?
Song: Well, at the moment, I keep singing/rapping Satisfied from Hamilton (seriously, I'm so obsessed, and I swear, I know the entire rap part of it word for word).
Restaurant: Slug & Lettuce. Also there's a lovely place called Mexigo where I used to live and I miss the burrito bowls so much!
Books: the good kind...? Pride & Prejudice? The Name of the Wind? any David Mitchell book? At the moment I'm also in love with When We Collided. Should I carry on?
Shoes: Boots. Preferably black.


Feeling: Confused. WHO AM I?!
Single or Taken: Single. And happy, and no I don't want to go out with your friend ;)
Eating: I have tea? Does that count?
Thinking About: I'm drawing a blank here. I'm not thinking? Oh, no, I know! Dragons.
Watching: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I'm almost to the end of season 2 now!
Wearing: Leggings and my Hangover Hoodie. It's my uniform, *and* my pyjamas.


Want Children: I have two younger sisters that I looked after when I was growing up, so I'm kind of ambivalent for now.
Want to be Married: If someone comes along, sure. Why not?
Careers in Mind: I'm a grad student. Please don't.
Where You Want To Live: I guess, somewhere new? Maybe Scotland? Or maybe move back south? I have no idea, but I need to move somewhere in September when my lease runs out. Exciting times.


God: Nope, kind of grew up atheist.
Miracles: Sure. The non-magical kind.
Love at First Sight: Not really, no.
Ghosts: Eeehh.
Aliens: As in life somewhere out there? Yeah, I think that's kind of likely.
Soul Mates: Maybe? I'd have to find proof.
Heaven: I guess not? I'd actually hate to think of anything eternal.
Hell: Same as above.
Kissing on the First Date: Why not? If you want to go for it. I know I have. So I won't judge!
Yourself: I try!

Those were some tricky questions!
And okay, so I answered with a lot of maybes and question marks. Oops.
Well, that's me.
I would like to tag all of you - can I do that? If you're up for it, do the tag and then let me know so I can get to know you better, too!
If you made it all the way through that massive post - wow! Look at you! You're pretty awesome. I'm sending you a virtual hug right now! Do we have anything in common? I would love to know!

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