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Book & TV Recs from the Love-A-Thon community ♥

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I can't bear to let Love-A-Thon go just yet so I wanted to put together my thoughts and a list of (some of the) books and TV series I promised to read/watch straight away.
My Monday: Coffee, chocolate, and going through
#LoveAThon recommendations ♥

Love-A-Thon has been such an amazing experience and I am so happy to have taken part in it!
All the love to the brilliant people behind it:
Cee of The Novel Hermit,
Alexa of Alexa Loves Books,
Hazel of Stay Bookish, and
Mel of The Daily Prophecy.

#LoveAThon Recommendations

You may or may not know of my love of lists. In any case, please feast your eyes on my list book.

Yes. Those are unicorns. (Or Earth Narwhals if you prefer!)

In the picture below are the additions made to my TBR during the weekend, and who recommended it if I remember. My memory is notoriously patchy.

The ones with ?? at the end - who recommended them to me? It's like I've been to a party and had absinthe and I can't quite remember who I snogged.

♥♥♥Books & Authors♥♥♥

Romance and Historical Fiction! I'm so new to romance I don't even know where to start :) Let me know if you have a recommendation!

Sarah J. Maas
Everyone else seems to have read Throne of Glass already and I need to get on it! Have you read Sarah J. Maas? Have any favourite books by her?

The book covers are linked to Goodreads so you can go check out the summaries and add them straight to your TBR :)


♥♥♥TV Series♥♥♥


Poldark is based on Winston Graham's novels, and produced by BBC.
In the 18th century, Ross Poldark returns to his Cornwall home after fighting in the American War of Independence and finds his old sweetheart Elizabeth engaged to his cousin, Francis.

Image: BBC


Based on books by James Runcie, Grantchester focuses on a former Scots Guards officer, now an Anglican vicar who starts solving crimes with the help of an overworked Detective Inspector.

Image: PBS

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

An Australian TV series based on novels by Kerry Greenwood, looks at the life of Phryne Fisher, a Lady Detective in 1920's Melbourne.

Image: ABC


Based on the popular YA books by Cassandra Clare, this is a TV adaptation that changes the story slightly from the books slightly more than the Mortal Instruments movie of 2013. I'm hoping this adaptation works out better than the film did!

Image: Freeform


Have you read any of these books or watched any of these TV series? Are you planning to?


Final words on Love-A-Thon
I'm so happy to have met book bloggers and BookTubers and bookgrammers who've been really awesome and friendly and whose blogs, videos, and photos are works of beauty!

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