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Hiding in Books

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You're reading my blog! That's awesome. My name is Annika, and I like to talk about books. I like to talk about books a lot.
I hope you stick around while I try to get myself and this little blog situated ( - talk with me, suggest books to me, throw pens at me, you pick). I'm pretty weird, but I'm consistently weird. Actually, I have no idea why that would be a good thing but I'm going to run with. Consistency is key, you guys!

Before I started
rambling about nothing, I was going to explain why I called this blog Hiding in Books, and I like lists, so here. Have one.

Reasons why I chose this name for my blog:

1. it makes me think of hiding in trees (preferably with a book) which is cool, or
2. hiding in a sort of ball pit of books which is cooler, or
3. hiding my face in a book so I don't have to talk to strangers. Or anyone. Except cats.

I probably missed a dozen things hiding in books could mean. Let me know if you think of anything!

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